Stop Talk – Issue Six

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Stop Talk – Issue Six

Welcome to the sixth issue of Strop Talk!

We are dedicated to bringing you new, fun, and informative content in each of our Strop Talk e-newsletters. Combined with our magazine, website, and online forum, Strop Talk is another way to help keep the creativity flowing and the carving knives sharp all year long.


Daffodil Lovespoon
Carve a lovespoon rich with symbols of love, luck, and spring.
Simple Spring Bunny Pin
Use this easy relief bunny carving as a pin, pendant, or magnet.
Paint Tote Case
Simple but sturdy paint tote lets you store and carry your color collection.
Puzzle playsets are quick, easy, and fun to make. Each one is a puzzle, a toy, and a creative decoration all in one. Watch our video overview and learn how to use simple woodworking to make your own puzzle playsets.
All About Noah’s Ark!
Carving & Painting Noah’s Ark, by Betty Padden, is available now! Pair Betty’s simple layered technique with some easy relief carving to make an easy heirloom ark and plenty of animals (perfect for play or display).
Carving Hair
If you carve people, you need to know how to carve hair. Expert carver Harold Enlow shares his best tips for carving both basic hair and a curled lock.
2017 Woodcarving and Wildlife Art Festival
Despite a late season snowstorm, the Lancaster County Wood Carvers welcomed nearly 900 guests to its 44th annual Woodcarving and Wildlife Art Festival in March.
Charlotte Woodcarvers Club
Dave Stetson taught the Charlotte (N.C.) Woodcarvers how to make funny faces.

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