Whittling 2022 Volume 8

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Whittling 2022 Volume 8

Whittling, a special issue of Woodcarving Illustrated, includes a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. This issue is not a part of the regular magazine subscription. It is available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing, foxchapelpublishing.com or 1-800-457-9112.

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Starter Guide

Basic Knife Cuts

Master four foundational carving cuts so you can take on any project

By Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated

Whittling Safety 

These basic rules can help prevent injuries

By Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated

Knife Selection

Follow these tips when selecting a whittling knife

By Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated

The Basics of Sharpening

Properly prepare your knife for safe and enjoyable whittling

By Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated

Comfortable Carving

Practice these common stretches to enjoy carving for long periods of time

By Don Swartz

Teaching Kids to Whittle

For fun and easy learning, heed these simple suggestions

By Mindy Kinsey


Hobby Knife Kits to Try

We tested four popular budget knife sets so you don’t have to

By Kaylee Schofield

Wingin’ It

When life started throwing punches, caricature carver Sara Barraclough started making woodchips 

By Hannah Carroll

Simple Whittles

Heart-in-a-Cage Whimsey

Complete this sweet take on a classic design in just five steps 

By Lieve Roelants

Easy-Carve Magnets

These simple shapes will add personality and charm to your refrigerator

By Parn Aniwat

Avocado Pit Cat

Repurpose your food waste into an elegant piece of jewelry

By Anna Prikazchikova

Thoughtful Angel

With only basic features, this winged whittle is a beginner’s dream

By Roxana Cristean

Making a Clover Chain

Tackle this take on the traditional carved chain in just eight steps 

By Bjarne Jespersen

Miniature Twig Tree

Once you master this whittling  technique, the possibilities are endless

By Chris Lubkemann

Momma Polar Bear and Cub 

Practice the basic knife cuts as you build a wintry home for this cute duo 

By Tom Hindes

Soap Penguin 

This cool character makes a great beginner project

By Janet Bolyard

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Afternoon Carves

  Sven the Sailor

Sail the high seas with this flat-plane character

By James Ray Miller

Whittling a Spurtle

Create a versatile kitchen utensil in an afternoon

By John Welch

Leaping Fox

Try your hand at carving miniatures with a sprightly critter

By Steve Tomashek

Bundled-Up Santa Ornament

This rosy-cheeked Claus is great practice for cutting into corners 

By Bob Kozakiewicz

Whittling a Dragon & Egg

A common lighter puts the finishing touches on this fiery creature 

By Annabell Hellwig

One-Knife Spoon

Transform a block of basswood into a Celtic-inspired keepsake

By Dave Western

Sliding Ball-in-Cage

Mastered the basic whimsey? Take it up a notch with this new twist 

By Bart Hopson

Weekend Projects

Carving a Leaning Figure

Learn how to add movement to carves with this dynamic project 

By Dave Stetson

Scrappy Seagull

Carve a feathered friend (and a perch for him to stand on) from one piece of wood

By Dan Riggott

Laid-Back Guy

Remove wood with confidence on this flat-plane piece 

By Charles Banks

Duck Wheely Toy

Enjoy endless fun with this nostalgic heirloom-to-be 

By Sara Barraclough


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