Woodcarving Illustrated Summer 2019, Issue 87

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Woodcarving Illustrated Summer 2019, Issue 87

The Summer 2019 issue of Woodcarving Illustrated includes a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. This issue is a part of the regular magazine subscription. It is also available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing, foxchapelpublishing.com or 1-800-457-9112.

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A Dream Saw for Rough-Outs

The Pégas Scroll Band Saw removes more wood from blanks faster and easier

By the Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated

See the review HERE!

Spotlight: Roman & Olga Repikova

From foraged wood to handcrafted finishes and tools, this couple takes “made with love” to a new level

By Kaylee Schofield

Spotlight: Frank Napoli

This carver gets inspiration from daydreams, PBS shows, and Dr. Seuss

By Kaylee Schofield 

Check out a video of Frank Napoli’s carved automata HERE.


Summery Supernova Coasters

Minimalist chip carving design is chic and perfect for beginners

By Roman Chernikov

Stylized Wooden Combs

Love your locks with a look to beat the barber

By Roman and Olga Repikova

Peaceful Panda

Ease into painting with this two-tone teddy bear project

By Desiree Hajny


Classic Bark Green Man

Dancing eyes and an oak-leaf mustache add character to this woodland spirit

By Kathy Overcash

Greedy Bear Cub

Taste sweet success with this cute caricature in just eight steps

By Dwayne Gosnell

Northern Shoveler Hen Walking Stick

Want a realistic bird you can carry everywhere? This pieces fits the bill

By Paul Purnell

Wood Spirit in Cottonwood

This pensive forest guardian is a perfect intro to carving the human face

By Alec LaCasse

Carved & Burned Feather Earrings

Decorate your lobes with pair of nature-inspired baubles

By Karen-Hundt Brown

Cute & Easy Caricature Pig

This carved version of Wilbur is definitely “some pig”

By Wayne Shinlever 

Baby Chickadee

A Little bird told us this is the perfect summer project for power carvers

By Butch Clark

Civil War Soldier Busts

Focus on the face in these classic caricatures

By Mark Akers

I Prefer Brie

A humorous pairing of details makes this unlikely gourmand a project to remember

By Frank Napoli


Carving Classic Molding

Dress up a building, box, or frame with these elegant designs

By Mike Allen

Online Exclusives

Bonus Patterns:

Find seasonal projects, like a fan-tailed hummingbird and a flying propeller HERE.

Video Extras:

See a video of the Pégas Scroll Saw in action HERE.

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