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Woodcraft’s QuikBench

By Bob Duncan

While some carvers have the space for a full-sized stationary bench, many work in any available space. Woodcraft’s QuikBench provides a strong, stable clamping surface that folds up to fit under a bed or alongside a freezer.

The QuikBench has a 24″ by 30″ working surface and a 16″ by 22″ shelf. It comes with an integrated two-screw vise and a variety of bench dogs and bench-dog holes. You can easily combine it with a bench hook or any of the many bench hold-downs, toggles, or mini vises designed to fit into bench-dog holes. You can even make your own cams to hold irregularly shaped pieces.

I often use the bench when roughing out a large project with power. I can set the bench up outside, run an extension cord to the integrated power strip, add some chunks of wood for weight to the shelf, and make all the dust and noise outside. It’s stable enough for me to use big reciprocating carvers and angle grinders without moving. If I don’t have enough weight on the shelf,
I can plant a foot there to hold it steady. In my shop, it’s a handy supplemental assembly space where I can glue up panels without using up my limited supply of clamps.

If you leave the tabletop folded but extend the legs, you can use a pair of the benches like saw horses. For a larger workspace, you can lock two benches together with their tables extended.

The QuikBench is available for $129.99 plus S&H from Woodcraft, 800-225-1153,

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