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PL FIX 2-Part Wood Repair Kit

Henkel Consumer Adhesives Inc. has created a new polyurethane-based wood repair and filler. The resin and hardener are mixed together to create a light tan epoxy. The wood filler is thin enough to fit into small gaps and cracks, but thick enough that you can mold it. Unlike some other wood fillers, PL FIX doesn’t shrink or crack.

PL FIX cuts easily with a chisel or gouge and sands well, but is a bit tough to cut cleanly with a knife. It has no grain and cannot be stained, so use this product on a project you plan on painting.

Available at Lowe’s stores, each PL Fix 2-Part Repair Kit contains one 250-gram tube of resin and one 65-gram tube of hardener for $18.99.

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