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Veritas Cane and Staff Tip

Lee Valley and Veritas have teamed up to create a cane and staff tip set that allows you to switch between a heavy-duty rubber tip and a sharp metal tip.

The set includes a tapered brass end cap designed to fit 1″-diameter or larger shafts. Shape your staff or cane shaft to fit into the end cap and then drive a screw through the cap into the center of the shaft to lock the cap in place. After the end cap is secure, add a smaller threaded cap to the bottom of the end cap. The tapered metal tip and rubber tip both screw into the threaded cap. The rubber tip is designed for everyday use. The stainless-steel tip is designed to give you additional grip when wading through a stream, climbing a mountain, or walking on icy sidewalks.

The kit, which includes the brass end cap, the threaded cap, and both tips, is available for $17.50 + $8 shipping and handling from Lee Valley, 800-871-8158,

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