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Garrett Wade Patternmaker’s Vise

Premium tool retailer Garrett Wade has redesigned the classic patternmaker’s vise for today’s carvers. The heavy vise, weighing 32 pounds, can be mounted on any work surface up to 6″ thick.

The primary advantage of the vise is that it can securely clamp irregularly shaped items. The vise rotates 360°, so you can access your work from any angle.

The patternmaker’s vise is most useful for gun stock carvers and stick carvers. The clamping system features rubber-padded jaws and rotates easily so you can re-position the piece without reclamping it.

While the vise is not as useful for larger in-the-round carvings, it can still be used. To secure a large carving, attach a square block of wood to the bottom of your carving blank with wood screws or a carving screw. Clamp this block in the patternmaker’s vise and you will be able to rotate the blank 360°.

The patternmaker’s vise is available for $124.95 plus $16.75 shipping and handling from Garrett Wade, 800-221-2942,

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